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Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Using the best techniques, our experienced cleaners can revive any kind of flooring that your company has inside or outside the building. 

Detailed General Cleaning

This is where our detail qualified cleaners can show their worth! We pride ourselves on getting into every area and leaving it spotless, that's the Gold Standard way!

Window Cleaning

Make a great first impression with premium window cleaning. Streak free windows are a great way to set the tone for visitors and potential clients!

Comprehensive Disinfecting

Not only do we clean surfaces, we also disinfect them as well to destroy bacteria. This will help immensely to keep your office as clean and safe as possible.

Fumigation and Fogging

Using our hospital grade disinfectants, we can fumigate and fog to kill all bacteria in and around an area. This is a great combatant to Covid-19 and any other air born pathogen as well.

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