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about us

Gold Standard Commercial Cleaning was born from a simple idea, to bring respect, professionalism, and exceptional results back into the commercial cleaning industry. Far too often janitorial services are overlooked and treated as a non-essential aspect of the life of a company. Our mission is to add as much value to our clients as possible and maintain their assets as if they're our own. 

Stacy Thomas, the founder of the company and a proud military Air Force Vet, started Gold Standard from the success of an auto detailing company he owns as well. As his success in that industry grew he looked for a similar market to spill into, thus Gold Standard Commercial Cleaning was born. His quality over quantity approach has proven to serve him well in business. He's very family oriented and believes in company morale more than anything. A huge goal for him in life is to be a positive force for the world and change lives one person at a time.

Stacy Thomas CEO of Gold Standard Commercial Cleaning
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